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Household Order

Professional Organizing/Personal Assisting

Carey Diment, Household Order's owner/operator.

I officially got into the organizing business in 2014 when I started helping a friend with her business. I'd always loved cleaning out closets so formally working for an organizer was a natural fit. Six month later I decided to go independent, allowing me more flexibility and a direct relationship with my clients.   

Putting a household in order allows the people who live there to relax. You can finally find things. You are proud to show off your home when people visit. You save money because you aren't buying what you don't need. And, in the process, by donating what you don't need or want to charities, you in turn help others.

Some people have strong attachments to their possessions and do not like letting go. We can discuss your reasons for keeping things and make decisions from there. You do not need to get rid of something you love in order to have an organized home. Other people have just acquired too much and need assistance in reducing. Bringing in an organizer is the first step to taking action. We can work side by side or I can sort through things independently then regroup with you. Keep? Give? You'll have the final decision.